The Stewart family have been involved in the Edinburgh drinks trade for over 140 years.  Alongside the family whisky business, D & J McCallum Ltd, a number of public houses were developed including The Guildford Arms in 1896.

After the whisky business was sold in the 1930s, the pubs were brought together to form D M Stewart Ltd.  David & Christian Stewart, the fourth generation, now run the business, looking to expand and adapt to the constantly changing demands and opportunities of Edinburgh's hospitality sector.

The company has been at the forefront of the revitalisation of real ale and continues to support and showcase beers produced by small breweries from across the country.

The Guildford Arms remains the flagship of the company, joined more recently by The Canon's Gait, The Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant and The Cumberland Bar

Ben Challum Ltd is the sister company to D M Stewart Ltd and operates a mixed farming enterprise in Crieff, Perthshire.  Specialising in Sim-Luing cattle, occasionally some of it's exceptionaly fine beef finds it's way onto the menus in the Edinburgh bars.